Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Voyage

I really wanted to explore a long section of one of my favorite trout rivers.  Wading the several mile stretch would be tough so I decided that the best way to explore the river would be with a canoe.  Mark and I had managed a canoe together well on the Kickapoo last September so I asked him if he'd like to tag along.

I've rented canoes from REI before but when I called the Bloomington location to reserve my craft the guy informed me that they were unable to rent out any of their fleet until the Bloomington Police Department finds time to inspect and certify their inventory for rental which didn't happen until June 1st last year.  I'm glad I am highly skilled at the Google because I quickly located Hardwater Sports in Saint Paul.  Tony was happy to hear from me and he had a canoe available.  I picked it up Friday afternoon.  The Hardwater Sports mobile was a sight to see.

Mark and I met up at 6am because we wanted to get an early start.  It wasn't long before we stopped at a spot that looked promising.
 At the next spot I cast my bugger into some fishy looking water and soon landed an 18 inch Brown Trout.  For many it would be the fish of a lifetime but it is about average for me these days.

 I was so happy.

 Mark was happy too.

 This is a prime example of litter and nature peacefully coexisting.  That old plastic milk jug is so happy.
 This photo is titled, "Moss on the Rock".  Prints are currently available.
 It's places like this that big Brown Trout call home.  Unfortunately no one was around.
 Beautiful river.
 While mine and Mark's methods vary greatly we are both at the top of our respective games.  This trout fell for Mark's Panther Martin Spinner.
 There were Redhorse suckers too.  They get these cool looking bumps on their heads and tails during mating season.

 Pretty Brown.
 This one goes to the blooper reel.
 There is a reason why Mark is widely known as the king.  This one measured in at 18 inches.

The Redhorse is a beautiful fish.
 I sometimes wonder if Mark likes Redhorse more than Brown Trout.
 On to the next spot.
 All trout love the bugger.  It was an awesome sight watching this little guy chase down my bugger in the fast water.
 It was the perfect day for a voyage.
 Mark caught a Smallmouth Bass.
 I've heard it said, "Happiness is a Smallmouth on a stiff rod".
 While we were nearing the end of our voyage we ran into some other fisherman.  They were visibly upset that we had just canoed through the run they were about to fish.
 It happens.

 The End

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