Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Fox Creek Incident

When it looked liked my last job of the day would put me in close proximity to some prime trout water I couldn't help but bring my fishing gear along.  Foxy is always down to tag along and it just so happened that the stretch of water I planned on fishing was dog friendly.

 The water was low and clear.  We have been a little low in the rain department this spring and it has made fishing a bit of a challenge.
 Sometimes when the water is shallow I let Foxy cross the river on her own.
 I had a few follows here but none were willing to commit.
 She seems to feel as comfortable along the stream as her master.  One of my nicknames for her is Edelweiss.  Small and white, clean and bright.

 It is one of her favorite songs for me to sing to her when I put her to bed.

When I am here it feels like I could be in some hidden canyon out west.  Minnesota is a great state.
 As I was running out of light I finally caught a trout.  A healthy 14 inch brown.  I was so happy.
 The icing on the cake was that I caught it on a streamer I tied myself.  It was a good night.

The End

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