Thursday, May 7, 2015

Breaking Good

The dew was still on the grass as we made our way up the stream.

 It was a nice morning here.  Shortly after snapping this shot we ran into another fisherman that had beat us to the stream.  The early bird gets the worm I guess and it looked to me like thats what he was using for bait.  "To each their own", I told Taylor as we decided to give the guy some space and take off for another place.
 Apparently the guy who has this sign hanging from his mailbox is a guide.  I wonder what he guides.
 While we were driving to our next haunt I noticed a large container of Anhydrous Ammonia sitting in a farm field.  For a moment I thought about breaking bad and starting my own Crystal Meth empire but there was fishing to do so I decided to break good instead.
 Breaking good has never felt so good.  The next place we visited was very picturesque.
 Taylor caught a nice little Brown Trout.
 Taylor has mastered the art of Czech Nymphing.  It is a great way to pull trout from the short deep runs of the Driftless Region.
 We ran into another fly angler on the stream.  I'm pretty sure he said his name was Jim.  He was quite talkative and over the course of 30 minutes we learned a lot about him.
You can't say you really know a guy until you've seen his flies.  Jim showed us this assortment of Buzzers he made specifically for targeting large trout in the mountain lakes of Wyoming.  He was a really nice guy.
The next stream we visited was larger and more natural looking.  The sun was high in the sky and fishing was tough.  I will come back here on a cloudy day.

 Taylor was in awe of the natural beauty that this place presented.
 I found a pile of mud on the ground so I drew a smile in it with my finger and put my rod on it for a photo.  I was so happy.
 Later on we found this cool interpretive trail with informative signs.

Well it was a good day for exploring.  I only caught one stocker Rainbow Trout all day and it was when I had left my camera in the car so I didn't get a photo.

The End

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