Friday, June 24, 2016

Hexy Time

During the month of June a natural phenomenon occurs across the upper Midwest known as the "Hex Hatch".  I've known about it for a long time but hadn't ever fished it.

While doesn't have an official fan club it does boast it's fair share of fan boys.  When Charlie invited me to catch the Hex Hatch on the Straight River with him I was all in.

Charlie and I had a few brief conversations in the days leading up to the weekend.  People who know me primarily from reading my blog often have the wrong impression of me.  I made sure to let Charlie know that, "I'm kind of a tool in real life".

I was pretty excited about hitting the Hex Hatch on the Straight but my enthusiasm was tempered a bit by conversations I had with friends leading up to the weekend.  Many had stories of fishing the Strait and failing to catch a trout.  People would complain about how the shorelines were swampy and not easily walked.  "If you don't have a canoe don't even bother", was a common remark about the Straight.

I love getting the scoop on things from people I know and trust but I also think there is a certain value derived from succeeding where others have failed.

As I drove up Friday evening I thought to myself about my expectations for the trip.  I decided that if I could catch at least one Brown Trout on the Hex then the trip would be a success.  More would be welcomed but less would be a complete and utter failure.

Saturday morning was nice on Ten Mile Lake.
 Charlie's swamp had all these cool webs on the bushes.
 We decided to fish the Straight Saturday morning.
 It wasn't as Straight as I thought it would be.
 We tried streamers for a bit.
 What a trophy.
 Purple flowers.
 Ready for the evening fish.
 We met this guy named Vern at the bridge.  Here he was paddling to his spot upstream.
 Straight River baby.
 After we made it to our spot Charlie's buddy Ty joined us.  Charlie was showing Ty how big the Hex actually are.
 American badass.
 The sun was going down.  Soon it would be Hexy Time.
 I had some Hexes at the ready.
 Oh baby.  The wait was almost over.
 The time has come for the Hex to start hatching.
 I was so happy.
 Charlie was happy too.
 I said goodbye to the old caboose Sunday morning.  Thanks for the invite Charlie!


Howard Levett said...

That's some great looking water and the caboose is cool. Glad you got out and had a successful experience Eddie. I've always wanted to fish the hex hatch.

Fading Angler said...

Eddie, if you're a tool, then I guess I'm a socket set. Probably missing the one socket you actually need.

Another adventure complete. That silhouette photo is killer.

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks fellas. I'm going to try to make hitting the Hex hatch an annual thing. There are many places to do it. That silhouette photo was actually taken by Charlie's buddy Ty when I gave him my camera and told him to have at it. The tool remark was put in there in an attempt to provide some levity in an otherwise staid post. Kind of like how they put Jarjar Binks in that one Star Wars movie.

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