Wednesday, May 13, 2015

R & D

After successful testing of the Special Ed fly pattern on Saturday I went back to my folks house that night and tied up a bunch more.  Some were tied in the traditional fashion and others were tied with a bead.  My hands trembled as I added the special materials to the hooks for I knew that I was on to something big.  Another thing I knew was that before I can start licensing this pattern I am going to have to do some more research and development.

The Special Ed proved without a doubt that it was highly effective at fooling Salmo Trutta; otherwise known as Brown Trout.  The question that lingered in my head was, "Would it be equally deadly on Oncorhynchus Mykiss and Salvelinus Fontinalis.  For those of you who didn't study Latin for three years I am talking about Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout.

Brook Trout

Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout are the three major trout species present in the Driftless Area.

Time was of the essence so on Sunday morning so I set out to do a little R & D.  I started out at a place that I like to call Glass Creek.  The water is as clear as glass.  If the Special Ed can fool trout here it can fool trout anywhere.

 This is my nervous face.  I was worried that the Special Ed might be a total flop.  My entire future hinges on the success or failure of this fly pattern.
Three casts later and bam! a Brookie.  One down and one to go.
My worry was replaced with joy but there was still work to be done.
Not being one to waste time when there is work to be done I soon had in my hands what looked to be a Rainbow Trout.  Damn I'm good.

I started this blog not only to entertain and inspire but to also inform.  After photographing this flower on the forest floor my goal became to educate my readers on what type of flower this is.  I spent fifteen minutes Googling last night and I have come to the conclusion that I have discovered a totally new species of flower.  Since I discovered it on Mother's Day I have decided to name it after my mother.  I hereby declare this flower to be the Debbie Sue.
 I forgot to mention that I had my research assistant Foxy tagging along with me on Sunday.  She is a a great assistant!
 I thought the plants growing out of this rotting log were pretty cool.
 Foxy also thought that they were pretty cool.

 This stream has a pretty quick descent through a magical canyon but I found one little spot of pocket water that I was sure would contain a trout.
 Another one bites the dust at the hands of the Special Ed!

After conquering trout it was time for the Special Ed to begin it's quest to annihilate every warm water species present in the lower 48.  I figured the best species to start on would be Rock Bass.  Mission Accomplished!

The rest of the day was spent exploring new places.  I never even knew this place existed before Sunday.  Cool things happen when you venture off the main road.

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Charlie Moos said...


Special Ed is also a rapper from the 80's. I've met him several times and I think he would be okay with the appropriation of his name -- so long as it sufficiently fools Oncorhynchus Mykiss..

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks Charlie your input is appreciated. Someday when I learn how to write I will be submitting an article to GB Mag.

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