Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Sunday April 20th seemed like it would be a good day to go fishing so that's what I set out to do.  I wanted to fish a two mile section of one of my favorite rivers.  I hid my Rollerblades in the grass at the upstream bridge so I could rollerblade back to my car when I was done fishing the stretch.  I figured it would be much easier than walking the stream back or walking the two miles on the road back to my car.

 I placed the blades in the grass.
And covered them until I was sure that they were well hidden.

I drove back to the first bridge and started fishing my way upstream.  While I was walking through a dead section I was like, "What's that smell".  I looked down and found a cool skull.  Judging by the taste of the fur I determined that it was a young Racoon.
 The water was very low in this section of river but it was pretty and the walking was fairly easy.
 I was glad my blades were where I had left them.  The road back to the car was quite bumpy for blading but it sure beat walking.
 When that was done the day was still young so I headed for Brook Trout Bridge.  I've had good luck there in the past and it did not disappoint.
 I was so happy.
 This photo is titled, "Log in the Water".  There is just something about a log in the water that puts a smile on this guys face.
 I decided to do some driving around scouting for new spots.  I happened upon these deer carcases close to another creek.  I figured there must be a Killdeer in this area.
 It wasn't long before my suspicions were confirmed.  I wished that I had my telephoto lens with me that day but this was the clearest shot I could get.
 The clouds started rolling in and for a brief moment the lighting was just right to take a few selfies.  This one turned out exceptionally well.

The End

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