Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday 4/10/16

Chris had secured permission for us to fish a private section of river.  He examined the map to make sure we were fishing in the right area.

 It was a beautiful morning.  Slightly cloudy and not too cold.  Can't ask for much better trout fishing weather.
 2nd cast bam. Trout.
 I was so happy.
 While some guys can tell the exact measurement of a fish when it is 20 feet away in the water I usually have to measure mine with a measuring tape.  This bad boy was eighteen inches.  Nothing wrong with an eighteen inch trout.
 One nice thing about fishing with Chris is that he knows how to cast a fly rod.  Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and watch someone else work a run.
 Another one for the E-dog.  Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay.  I cast Olive Buggers on the stream every day.
 We weren't the first ones here and we wont be the last.  Many have traveled this way.
 Chris is a great caster.
 I think I might send this one to American Angler.
 I couldn't figure out which one I liked better so I decided to post them both.
 There was a really deep hole and I had to see what lived on the bottom.
 We didn't catch a ton of fish today but it was nice to get out.

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