Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bridges of Badasson County

In need of a Royalex canoe for my upcoming Nipigon expedition I traveled out to Badasson County Wisconsin to purchase one that a guy had for sale.  After the transaction was complete I figured while I was out that way I might as well fish for a couple of hours.

There is a creek out that way where a friend of mine had a successful brook trout outing in early April.  I had a stretch in mind that I planned on checking out but with a lot of creek between me and that spot I decided fish some bridge pools along the way.

The first bridge I came to was very nice.
 Here is an upstream view.  The water was clear.  I had no fear.

 The nice pool was on the downstream side of the bridge.  I was contemplating how I would approach the hole when a truck pulled up and a guy and his three boys jumped out.  My presence at this site didn't seem to phase them as they walked purposefully towards the bridge.  At that point I knew the time of having this spot to myself was about to end.  I quickly darted under the bridge and threw my bugger into the fast water quickly bringing a small Brown Trout to hand.  By the time I was done taking this photo there were two lines in the water on the downstream side and two upstream.  I was outnumbered and it was time to leave.  I said, "Good luck!" to them and walked back to my vehicle.  There were more bridge holes to conquer.

The next bridge hole was much larger and deeper than the first.  I quickly dissected it with my streamer resulting in nary a follow.  
 Brown trout like to avoid light so during the day they are either at the bottom of deep holes or hanging out under overhead cover.  The bridge was a veritable lunker bunker.
My hypothesis proved correct when my first cast under the bridge resulted in this lunker to hand.
Before I left this spot I spent some time peering into the depths of the deep pool.  I could see there was the carcass of a very large fish rotting away in about seven feet of water.  I could not however tell if it was a trout or a sucker.  I wondered to myself if this stream has BTP.  For those who don't know acronyms BTP stands for Big Trout Potential. 
Upon my arrival to bridge number three I could see many small trout darting every which way.  I had a few chase my streamer but couldn't get any to commit.
 I walked and fished about 100 feet upstream.  I could see that there had been some habitat improvement work here done at some point.  I was so happy.
The next bridge crossing I came to was a feeder creek. It didn't look or smell much like trout water but I decided to take a few casts anyway.  It was Creek Chub city over here.  This Chub fell for the Superior X Legs.
As I was driving down the road to my pre-determined access point I passed a house where I noticed some folks loading kayaks on to their vehicle.  Their house just happened to be on the stream I was about to fish.  At that point I had a canoe on top of my car so I thought, "Kindred spirits!".  I whipped a U turn and pulled into their driveway.  The lady met me as I rolled down my window.  "Is it okay if a access the creek through your property", I asked.  She said it was fine and they even let me park in their driveway.  As I walked down to the river I wondered how often this private section of stream gets fished.  Judging by the aggressive nature of the resident Brook Trout I quickly determined not very often.
 I pulled seven Brookies out of this pool.
 The pool I caught this Brookie in yielded trout ten casts in a row.  I actually got fed up with catching trout and switched to a larger streamer in an effort to weed out the little guys.
 Pretty place.
 Grass Creek?
 Rounding the bend I came to a magnificent pool.  I failed to lure any trout from the depths but I made a mental note to come back here during hopper season.
Soon I found myself in an enchanted forest.

 Eleven inch Brookie. Give me a cookie.
 Light at the end of the tunnel.
I fell in love with the Bridges of Badasson County.  I hope to make it back here at some point this summer.

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