Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Country Roads

On April 24th Kyle and I decided to head down to southern Minnesota's Driftless Area to find what we could find and see what we could see.  You never know where those country roads will take you.
 The first stream we came to was nice.  I started out fishing a streamer but when I didn't catch anything for five minutes I gave up and switched to nymphs.  The Zebra Midge is quite the trout killer.  I couldn't remember the last time I caught a trout this small so afterwards I switched back to streamers.  Go big or go home.
 Such a nice place.
 This is one of those times where I wish I had a macro lens but the photo came out clear enough.  Do you know what kind of insect this is?
 Another stream another dream.  This trout fell for the Ryan Frick special.  I'm so glad Ryan gave me three of those this spring.  One of the best streamers I've ever fished!
 Kyle was having fun downstream.
 I was keeping an eye on him while he fished this hole.  Above him in the photo is a mama cow and her calf is up in the far middle left of the shot.  We were doing our best to keep our distance from the calves and the cows as we didn't want to die that day.
 On the next stream I hooked into a big trout. While I was fighting him I slipped on the muddy bank and fell on my butt.  While I sat in the mud Kyle netted this beauty and took a photo for me.  He measured it and said it was just under 18 inches.  Whatever man I think it was closer to 19.
 Up close and personal.
 This stream was teeming with stocked Rainbow Trout.  They can be quite a hoot.  After I caught this one I was really excited then I looked over across the stream and saw these two hungry looking kids staring at my catch as I was about to release it.  I asked them if they wanted it and they said yes.
 They were so happy.
 Here is a photo of Kyle fishing.

The End

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