Saturday, August 27, 2016

Golden Boy

There is a park close to where I live where there is a bridge over a small creek.  One of the routes I take when I take Foxy for her daily walks takes us over this bridge.
 I always look at the water when I walk over the bridge.  The other day I noticed that there was a pretty large goldfish swimming around in the water.  It was orange in color and pretty easy to see.  I thought it would be awesome to catch a goldfish on the fly.
 This morning I went there to give it a shot.
 I was surprised to see that there was actually two goldfish in this pool.  Can you see them?
 They are right there.
 I caught a Bullhead.
 And many Sunfish came to hand.
 I even caught a Largemouth Bass.

The action was consistent but I couldn't get the goldfish interested enough in my flies before other fish would swoop in.  Eventually I decided to call it a day but I'm sure I will make it back here at some point.  I have gold fever.


Howard Levett said...

Keep trying Eddie! I think that would be cool to check a goldfish off the list.

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks Howard! I will do my best.

Fading Angler said...

You could get a goldfish bowl and experiment with the fly patterns right there in the comfort of your own home!

"Yeah, I can hit a goldfish bowl at 50 feet... What, can't you?"

Next: neon tetras!

Eddie Rivard said...

I could do that but I would have to put 50 small Sunfish, 3 Largemouth Bass and 2 Bullhead in the bowl as well. The trick would be to find a fly that the other fish ignore and the goldfish go crazy for.

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