Monday, December 28, 2015

Sticker Madness

I don't know what it is about stickers but I've always thought they they were pretty cool.  I remember riding up the chairlift at Wild Mountain as a boy and seeing this shack near the bottom of the hill.  The door to the shack was covered with stickers from all the major ski brands.  "That door is awesome", I thought to myself.  As years past it always seemed like the hippest dudes would have stickers signifying their most rad passions.  I always hoped that someday I would be awesome enough to have a good collection of stickers myself.

I started this blog in the October of 2013 and it has been one wild ride.  I have always felt that no one would ever take me or my blog seriously until I had my own stickers.  After a lot of soul searching I decided to take action.  One day I made a rough sketch of what I wanted my sticker to look like.

I soon realized I was in over my head so I enlisted the help of my friend Dan Braun of

Man having friends is great especially when you need stuff from them.

I needed to have these stickers printed and after comparing price estimates from several online sticker companies I decided to use  They sent me the proof.  It looked good.

I few days later I received a special delivery.  It was the stickers but they did not turn out as expected.  I sent them an email explaining my thoughts and included this image.

There was an obvious discrepancy in the appearance.  They agreed to do it right. A few days later I had the stickers and they looked great!  Now it was time to distribute them.

I sent some to Ryan Frick.  He is my #1 fan.
 I even handed them out at the fly tying club one night.

At Mend Provisions there is a door that is filled with stickers.  I convinced Mend Master Mike to let me put one of my stickers on his door.

I was so happy.
Then I paid a visit to Lund's Fly shop in River Falls.
The vault door is covered with stickers.
I was so happy.
I even have a file cabinet at home that I've started a pretty good collection on.
 On the side as well.
 And my car.
 It isn't a life. Unless it's a Sugarlife.
 I was so happy.

If you would like to have a sticker please send a self addressed stamped envelope to

Eddie Rivard
PO BOX 40389
St. Paul MN

It would be nice if you include 2 dollars to cover the cost of the sticker but I also accept stickers in trade as well as flies and SAGE fly rods.  Stickers in trade will work well because then I can fill up my file cabinet.


Clayton Griesbach said...

Dude, sweet stickers! Will you keep a few in the car? I'd flip you a few flies for a sticker but I'm too lazy to mail 'em. When I see you on the stream we can do the deed though.

Howard Levett said...
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Eddie Rivard said...

10-4 Clayton. I will definitely keep a few in my ride.

Howard Levett said...

Hey Eddie, as soon as the temperatures rise above 60, your sticker is going to be one of a few on my car. Good job my friend, you made it to Colorado!

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks Howard! I usually go to Wyoming and Montana but I will put Colorado on the short list now that I have someone to guide me.

Charlie Moos said...

Eddie I will be sending you some streamer action. You'll know it was me if the envelope is addressed to 420 Badass Lane apt# 69

Eddie Rivard said...

I'm looking forward to your package Charlie.

Ryan Frick said...

Damn it Eddie, now I need stickers and slogan too! I'll send you pics of decorated items. Thanks for the decals. I am your #1 fan!

Ben said...

I love the look of a sticker covered door/car same as you. I'm from up here in Canada so might have to find a different source for my stickers, but I'd like to load my bumper up with them in a similar way to yours!

Eddie Rivard said...

Sounds great Ben. Send me your address and I will send you a sticker.

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