Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Hunt for Trout October: Sunday Morning Fish

Earlier in the week Kyle and I made plans to fish together on Sunday.

On Saturday we finalized those plans.

We started fishing right around 6:00am.  The morning mist still hung heavy in the cool air.
 It was my first time on this river.  I fell in love.
 I located the third of the seven seals.
 This was another spot that looked like it would hold a lunker but neither of us got a bite.
 Although we beat the crowds by arriving early we might have shown up before the trout started to feed.  While the ass crack of dawn is prime time during midsummer it may not be in early October.  Being that this is the first year we have had an opportunity to fish trout in October it looks like we are learning the ins and outs.
 Afterwards we visited a creek that I felt had a good chance of being Grass Creek based on clues that Mark has given me.  Even though this creek had the grass it didn't appear to have any trout.
 My hunt for Grass Creek will resume next spring.

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