Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Early Bird Special

I had planned on doing some mousing last Friday night but something always happens to me when it gets dark out.  I become tired and lose my motivation for everything else but sleep.  I cut my losses and found a hotel in River Falls to sleep at and prepare for my sunrise assault.

The first spot I came to on the Rush River shortly after 5am already had a car parked at it so I found another spot where the coast was clear and I wasted no time getting suited up for fishing.

First Fly

You have to start somewhere.  I consider the act of attaching the first fly of the day to the end of my tippet to be somewhat of a ritualistic experience.  Some people start with the same fly every time but I usually start with a fly that I have recently tied or purchased from one of my favorite fly shops.  Earlier in the week while visiting I had noticed an advertisement for a sale of fly fishing goods that was going on in Eden Prairie on Thursday and Friday.  I was lucky enough to have a job scheduled in Hopkins Thursday morning so after I finished the job I visited the sale.  I probably would have found a way to get there even if I hadn't had a job scheduled nearby but who knows.  Since I was one of the first ones there I had a wonderful selection of flies to look through.  I ended up finding 34 flies that I needed and one of them was a Olive Bead Headed Wooly Bugger with rubber legs.  I have had success with buggers similar to this one so I knew I could fish it with  confidence.  That was the ceremonial first fly.

Three casts in I had my first taste of success.  A wily 11 inch Brown Trout jumped out of the water several times while I retrieved him to my net.  I seem to have a knack for catching trout with wounds.  This trout's mouth was in the process of healing from an injury.  I named him Woundy, suggested some Neosporin then released him back into the water.

 This might be the other side of the first fish or it could be the second trout of the day.  I was having too much fun to keep track.
 This one was a dandy.
 I was so happy.
 The river was very beautiful.
 I think this was the biggest trout of the day.  I think it was 16 inches but I haven't measured my rod to be sure.  I know if I measured it it would probably end up being 15 inches and 16 sounds cooler.

Sometimes when I am fishing I think to myself, "What a nice place".  Shortly afterwards I take a photo to share with my fans.  
 I liked the slope of this trout's forehead.  Very hydrodynamic I'd say.
 This was the one Brook Trout of the day.  Caught on the same bugger I caught every other fish on.  I had to use my blue rod because I forgot my usual four weight rod.  It was nice to spend a morning with old blue.
 This is where I caught the Brook Trout.
 This Royal Wulff was another fly I purchased at the sale.  I have always liked the look of the Royal Wulff.

I caught 11 fish between 5am and 8:30am.  6 of them were over 13 inches.  I call that the, "Early Bird Special".

Shortly after 9am I met up with Taylor "Trippy Trouter" Spraungel and his buddy Kincaid Edwards.  It was the first time I had met both of them in person but I became acquainted with Taylor through the website  

A self taught fly fisherman at 17 years old Taylor "Trippy Trouter" Spraungel is poised to take the world of fly fishing by storm.  I'm just glad I knew him before he was famous.  I was surprised when his casting skills seemed to exceed my own.  This guy is the next Jeff Currier.

I led them to one of my favorite spots on the Rush where we fished for a few hours.  The action was much slower at that point than it had been earlier but I was glad that both Taylor and Kincaid caught fish.

See the grasshopper on the rod.
 At this point Kincaid was freeing his fly from a snag.  Either way it's always nice to see a rod bend.
 Many flowers were in bloom.
 Kincaid is on the left.  Taylor is on the right.
 I came upon a whitetail fawn while walking back to my vehicle.
This reminded me of hunting season.  Their white tail reminds me of a middle finger.
Afterwards I checked out a new spot on the Trimbelle.  Eventually I want to be able to say that I've walked the entirety of all the trout waters in Pierce County.  I have a lot left to check out.

 Spider webs make the best hatch charts.
I thought this was kind of a cool looking flower.  I want to know what it is but am too lazy to google it.
Important update!  My friend David has informed me that these are Turtle Head Flowers.  They grow well in moist, heavy soils which explains why they were flourishing on the river bank.  I love having smart friends.  :)
Thank you for reading my blog.

Sincerely, -Eddie Rivard

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