Sunday, July 27, 2014

Banner Day

Today was a banner day of fly fishing at a place I like to call, "Little Labrador".  I could hardly cast without hooking a fish and sometimes I would pull my streamer out of the water prematurely if I saw a little one chasing it.  While I didn't land a true trophy I more than made up for it in sheer numbers of confidence boosting decent sized trout.

I headed east before sunrise.  After getting out of bed at 3:30am I don't know what I did for an hour and a half but I still made it out the door before 5:00am.  

 I didn't have the fly to match this hatch.  In the end it didn't even matter.  Does anybody know what kind of Mayfly this is?
This trout was tempted by a streamer I tied myself.  I was so happy until I lost said streamer.
 I think I pulled 15 Brook Trout of of this spot and then my leg started to cramp up so I started walking upstream again.
 I thought this tree was pretty cool.  The bark had moss growing on it.  Imagine that.
 I was starting to get thirsty as I had exhausted my water rations.  Then I saw this spring water gurgling out of the hillside.  My thirst was quenched and I felt like a new man.
 This ten inch Brook Trout put up quite the fight.  I named him Fighty.
 A good time had by me.

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