Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rainbow Warrior

When I scheduled my foot surgery for February 19th on January 9th my plan was to get out fishing a few more times beforehand because I wasn't sure how long I would be on the disabled list for afterwards.  Little did I know at the time that frigid temperatures would keep me away from the magic that is the Minnesota Stream Trout Winter Season.  The thought of going two months without catching a trout on a fly rod was too much to bear.

News came Monday about a heat wave that was supposed to happen on Thursday.  Seeing that the temperature was supposed to get as high as 37 degrees on Thursday was quite a surprise to me since I had forgotten what that felt like.  I was having trouble deciding whether I should go fishing on Thursday or if I should spend time with the girlfriend but then I remembered that I didn't have a girlfriend so I decided to go fishing.

At first I thought that it would be fun to have somebody come with me on Thursday but when everybody I invited to accompany me couldn't make it I decided that I would rather go by myself.  At the very last minute Foxy invited herself and famed fishing author Ross Mueller was sitting shotgun to my right.

 I would recommend the book Fly Fishing Midwestern Spring Creeks to anyone who knows how to read.  It would also help if they have an interest in Fly Fishing Midwestern Spring Creeks.  It has great advice on what tactics and flies to use during the different seasons.  It even has a section on fishing in the wintertime. 

I had originally thought that spring was going to sprung on Thursday but high winds and blowing snow created blizzard like conditions on the Driftless Express.  

After receiving a hot tip from fellow "Streamer Dream Teamer", Ger Moua, I charted a course towards Fillmore County.  

When I saw this lone Oak tree standing firm against the elements I took it as a sign of solidarity and made up my mind that I would look up the definition of solidarity when I returned home from this voyage.

Here is Google's definition of Solidarity.  I don't know what I was thinking.

Solidarity-unity or agreement of feeling or action, esp. among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

I always thought that small town folk were supposed to be friendly but the only thing waving at me in this one town was five American Flags.  It reminded me of the Winter Olympics going on and I thought about the odds of "Winter Fly Fishing for Trout" becoming an Olympic sport.  
A few weeks ago I wrote about the creation of the "San Eddidino Worm".  Today the "San Eddidino Worm" earned its spot in the Fly Hall of Fame when I landed this Rainbow Trout on it.  I was so happy I took three photos of that little bugger.

 Speaking of Bugger I also caught a Rainbow on an Autumn Splendor Wooly Bugger.  A few casts later a tree stole that Bugger from me.  I think I am going to vote for  cancelling Arbor Day this year.

I was able to make friends with a small herd of cattle today as they followed me as I fished along a fence line.  It was kind of nice to have some company for a change.

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