Sunday, April 16, 2017


Phil mentioned to me today that my blog could use an update since I haven't posted anything in a while.  One thing I decided when I started this blog was that I would never start a post out by apologizing for not posting in a while.  As if I am sorry for living my life undocumented; what a farce.  I do however recognize that I haven't posted in a while and would hate to have my fans worrying about me.  Rest assured I have been able to get out from time to time.  

First things first.  I want to thank those who came and visited me at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo.  From this photo you can see how seriously I take my fly tying.  
 I recently received my 2017 trout stamp in the mail.  I look forward to this event every year.
Now let me take you on a walk down memory lane to some of the times I went fishing and didn't get a blog post out.  

When Eddie met Drew and Micah

Eddie Rivard blogs about fly fishing.  He lives with his dog Foxy in New Brighton Minnesota. 
 I started this day solo
 A 1 A, Trout Stream Avenue
Trout were feisty chasing my leeches
Didn't bring my net so I landed them on the beaches.
 Hiked to a remote section of the Rush.  It was well worth it.
 I always catch fish on the Olive Rubberlegged Bugger.  No wonder why I tie so many.
 It was a nice stain this day.
 A slightly larger specimen.
 Gotta love the selfy!
 It was nice to catch a Brook after catching about 15 Browns.
 Later on I met up with Micah and Drew.  These guys are the next generation of awesome.  I've been googling ways to make my camera focus better so in photos like this the fish would stay in focus no matter how far Micah sticks it out.
 At what point does the size of your net go from a plus to a minus.  To each their own I guess.
It was good to fish with Drew again and to fish with Micah for the first time.  I'm looking forward to fishing with them again.

When Eddie fished with Ryan

I try to fish with Ryan every chance I get.  He is just such an awesome dude.  I will try to add more words to this tomorrow. :)

Grand Slam

Silver Trout

 Brown Trout
 Brook Trout
 Striped Trout

Kreelex to the rescue!

The Mission

 Unlike the Caddis the Blue Wing Olive Fly is not meant to resemble any particular insect.  It's just an attractor pattern tied to resemble many things ranging from ants to hornets.


 Why me?

 Naturally occurring rock formations.

 Wide and shallow.

 The Island of Misfit Sandals

I will be adding more words soon :)


Howard Levett said...

You're pretty awesome Eddie. But I suppose you know that.

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks Howard! I do not know if you are being sarcastic.

Howard Levett said...

Eddie, I'm not being sarcastic. Besides some good photos, your sense of humor fits me to a T.

Oliver said...

Pictures are nice

pat said...

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