Thursday, March 17, 2016


The rivers are like chocolate milk they said; the conditions are not good for fly fishing they said.  They didn't realize how much both Taylor and I love chocolate milk.

I had initially planned on fishing with Ryan today but he was down with the flu.  After that I was thinking about fishing by myself but then I remembered about my underemployed friend Taylor.  We knew that conditions would be tough but we've never shied away from a challenge before and today wasn't going to be the start of any new traditions.

Chocolate Chocolate Everywhere
Eddie and Taylor
They don't care

First we went to Pretty Clear Creek.  It was clear enough for the trout to see our flies and we caught a few.  It was nice to feel the Winston jiggle a little bit.  
 I was so happy.
 Trout like chocolate too.
Then we made our way over to Salad Creek.  I hooked and lost one on a size 10 Yellow Fox.  I made a mental note to remember that when I come back here.  Do you know why it is called Salad Creek?
 Here Taylor is at Too Clear Creek.  This creek is filled with the spookiest trout you will ever see.  I have only caught 3 fish on Too Clear Creek in my entire life and I have fished it many times.
 The water is just too damn clear.
One of my life's goals is to unlock the secrets of Too Clear Creek.  I will probably have to live a long time for that to happen.


Howard Levett said...

You all have some interesting names for your waters. But they all fit. Salad looks interesting. To Clear Creek is too clear. Stand back!

Eddie Rivard said...

They are just names I make up myself to avoid giving away all of my secret streams.


I love your style of writing. A bit of humor and some nice photography. I am a fan of chocolate milk, not so much of brown river water though... But, you guys toughed it out. =)

Eddie Rivard said...

Thanks a lot River Damsel :) It's so nice getting feedback from a fellow blogger. Especially when it is positive. Don't be shy if you ever see something about my blog that you think can be improved. I can deal with a fair amount of constructive criticism as well. I haven't gotten around to making a blog roll on my blog but when I do your blog will be right up there. That TPWLB group must be private because I couldn't click on it ;)

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