Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Funday

After having a such a great day fishing with Shebs yesterday I wasn't even too heartbroken when Nick called me last night and told me that he wasn't going to be able to go fishing today.  While I was relaxing in bed this morning Nick called and said that he would be able to go fishing today after all.  I told him I was pretty sore and wasn't really in the mood to fish today.  He told me that he wasn't going to be leaving for a while and to let him know if I changed my mind.  After that I got out of bed, slammed some cold coffee that I made yesterday and hit the shower.  Sometime during my shower I decided I felt like fishing so I called Nick and let him know I'd be ready when he got here.

Look at this log.  What do you see?
 One of the nicest 16 inch trout I have ever caught.
 What do you call it when you take a selfy with a fish?
 It's called a Selfish!
 A nice scene.
 A few years back my dad helped me put a rod rule on my Sage DS2.  It has helped me get accurate measurements on many of my trophies.
 Here is a shot of the Streamer I was using today.  I wish I knew what it was called.
 I love it when I get to a pool that is deep and green.  I made a poem up about it.

Trout stream pool so deep and green.
I bet you hold a fish that's large and mean.
Please let me catch that fish.
That is my only wish.

 I remembered this big rock from when I was here at the end of the season last fall.  I have such a good memory.
 I finally saw Nick way upstream.  When I got to him he told me that he had just lost a nice one close to the net.
 This was a pretty place.
 One of my favorite things about driving back from southern Minnesota at night is when I go by the space city.

The End

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