Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Witching Hour

So my last job of the day ended up being in a trouty little town just a little ways east of the Twin Cities.  I was glad that I had the planned ahead and brought my fishing stuff with me.  It was already around 7:30pm but before I could get any fishing in I was going to have to eat something.  Whenever I buy a Five Buck Lunch from Dairy Queen I almost feel guilty.  I can't believe they are making that much money giving me so much food for only five dollars.

As I strung up my rod and put my outfit on I thought about the limited time I had to fish.  They say Eddie Rivard can catch more trout in an hour than most guys can in an entire weekend.  One thing I've noticed is that the less I care about catching fish the more fish I actually end up catching.  It's all about doing things the right way.  I call it the Rivard Way but you can call it whatever you want as long as you keep the words Rivard and Way.

So I've always referred to the last hour of daylight as "The Witching Hour" but upon looking up the actual definition of "Witching Hour" I guess I was a little off.
When I made it down to the creek it looked like it was prime time.  I was pretty confident that I would catch a few.

 Not only was I confident I was also very happy.  After taking 37 selfies I finally took one that was blog worthy.
 Oh dang it was already 8:03pm.  I better get to fishing.
 I cast a Hippy Stomper for a while and had a few weak hits from micro trout before using the last ounce of daylight to tie on a small streamer which I had many bites on and a few brief hookups but failed to land any trout.  I was still pretty sure it was going to happen.  I believe the waving of my rod somehow conjured up a group of bats that were flying in circles around me in the darkness.  I felt like a great wizard.  Perhaps there really is something about this Witching Hour.  It was all going quite well until one of my bats somehow got tangled up in my line.   It wasn't even hooked.  To make matters worse I could hardly see and I hadn't brought a headlamp because I didn't plan on fishing late into the night.  The bat kept trying to swim towards me.  I assumed it thought I was a tree and it probably thought it could escape the water by climbing up on me.  I was not down with this idea.  It was pretty horrible but eventually I was able to get the bat untangled and  I could hear it walking around on the bank.  My line was pretty tangled and the only way I could get it untangled at this point was to cut my streamer off.  Afterwards it was too dark for me to tie anything else on to the end of my line so I decided to call it a night.
 While I was driving home I figured that I probably could have used the light from the LCD display on my camera to tie on a new fly but by then it was too late.  Oh well it was still a fun little adventure.


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Howard Levett said...

Eddie, this is tv show worthy. We'll call it leave to Eddie! Actually, I believe every word of this post. I caught a bat once. It was hooked and I finally figured out it would quit chasing me once I let go of my rod. When I went back the next morning, there was the rod minus the bat. I think he chewed his leg off or something.

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